Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
05:06 PM
like there's no end to thoze

Worst idea ever: iPod dock headphones: "

ipodheadphones.jpgI feel like after showing you this picture there's not that much left for me to say about perhaps the most poorly designed headphones ever. But for you, my friend, I'll try.

Just looking at them brings up visions in one's head of walking down the street with an iPod sticking out of their earphones, the crippling awareness of everyone staring at you and that familiar feeling of wanting to dig a hole in the sidewalk to hide from the world in it. Not to mention the comfort issues you imagine, what with that extra weight on one side of your head and all. These things would probably always be sliding down on the iPod side, making you look even dumber as they perch precariously lopsided on your head. Furthermore, if there has ever been a mugging magnet this is it. This is the equivalent of walking through Central Park at night with a $20 taped to your forehead, but instead of a $20 it's a $250 piece of electronics. Seriously, who designed this? Who? I demand answers.

Idiots in Japan can buy these starting next month for $43.

New Launches, via Gizmodo


(Via SCI FI Tech Blog.)

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