Friday, July 24, 2009

Cthulhu mask -- the sequel - Boing Boing

Cthulhu mask -- the sequel

boo or rather yyyggghhhhtthttsshhthhgghh

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skunkfest 2k9

Three skunks walk into a bar...

A cat walks in our back door thru the garage, in thru the kitchen door and begins to munch on dry cat food, a very distinctive crunch different than kitty crunching, Dog enters kitxchen to investigate and Pepe La Pew wins.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

attack of the killer lampshade

attack of the killer lampshade

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<title>Watch out for that lampshade!</title>
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<p>If you liked "<a href="">RoboGeisha</a>," you'll love "<a href="">Hausu</a>"! I don't know anything about this movie, except that it was made in 1977, it involves a murderous lampshade, and you should probably not watch it if you don't like blood fountains, disembodied body parts, light fixtures, screaming cats, screaming cat paintings, or screaming cat paintings spewing blood. Maybe in the comments somebody would like to tell us what they're hollering about? Probably NSFW due to some disembodied boobs. (<em>Via <a href="">Buzzfeed</a></em>)</p><br clear="both" style="clear: both;"/>
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bike fest


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Zina Saunders at Drawger

yeah baby crazy like a crazy

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Probably too late to bid for this project ya think?
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palin, via Twitter: God told me to sue the internet - Boing Boing

Sarah Palin, via Twitter: God told me to sue the internet

Posted by Xeni Jardin, July 5, 2009 8:47 AM | permalink

Wonkette has a post up about @AKGovSarahPalin's crazy late-night twitter bender. She's gonna have to give up that handle, no? Anyway, after you slog through all the crazy ungrammatical Palinglish rambling, the point seems to be that a "higher calling" has directed her to file anti-defamation lawsuits against a number of news websites for having reported the news that she quit her post as governor of Alaska (her "news conference" to that effect is embedded above). From Wonkette:

[A]fter crazily quitting her elected position as governor of Alaska, via an alarming backyard last-minute press conference void of any explanation , at the classic 4 p.m. hour of the Friday-Holiday news dump, Sarah Palin is now twatting on the twitter about how her Anchorage attorneys are going to SUE THE AMERICAN MEDIA, for saying "WTF?" Honestly, this is what Sarah Palin twatted on Saturday Night, July 4th, Independence Day, in America.

Her link goes to (of course) Scientologist nut and sub-literate weirdo Greta Van Susteren's blog on, where Greta has helpfully (?) posted seven pages of legal threats from Palin's lawyers, although you can't actually read beyond the first vague page of whining bullshit, because Greta/Fox can't figure out how to operate the Internet.

But, from other websites, we gather Palin's lawyers plan lawsuits against MSNBC, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, individual bloggers in Alaska, and other such anti-Palin forces such as "rain on your wedding day" and static cling.

Related reading: Anchorage Daily News article, hilarious. Vanity Fair article: It Came from Wasilla (and "Don't Blame Us"). (via @Andrew Baron)

On his excellent "nedslist" mailing list, Ned Sublette wrote this concise and spot-on appreciation of the official text of Palin's goodbye speech:

[W]hat Roland Barthes would have called the pleasure of this text has to be savored in full to draw out its pure nuttiness. It's hard to know what to appreciate more: the all-caps prepositions; the sentence fragments that begin the fifth and sixth paragraphs, the run-on sentences, the frequent exclamation points!, the quotation from her parents' refrigerator magnet, the basketball analogy, the proposed logic of quitting so as not to be a quitter, or the grammatically incorrect final sentence framing the misattributed punchline, which was actually said not by General Douglas MacArthur but by General Oliver P. Smith. I especially like the capital O of "Outside" in "Outside special interests," which reminds us that the world consists of two parts: Alaska, and Outside.

But what I most enjoy is the authenticity of this text; there can be no question that Governor You Betcha wrote it herself {wink}.

do you smell that smoldering, it's Republican.

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Award winning pie

Joy is eating Mary's award winning pie for breakfast on July 5th. It won the neighborhood contest for Best Pies this 4th. Much better than the humdrum fireworks we traopsed down to see at the Martinez

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moini cameras

Pure Digital Mino 60 Minute Camcorder

Pure Digital Mino 60 Minute Camcorder


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1 Pure Digital F360 Mino 60 Minute Camcorder
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get em while they last - such a deal

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Friday, July 3, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothing: Weight loss tips for geeks

Weight loss tips for geeks

I'm halfway through a big bet and I just weighed in at a tad over 210 pounds this morning, right on schedule for winning my bet. Getting down to 220lbs from 230 at the start of the year was easy, but the rest of the pounds were much harder. I'm now on a pretty good weight loss streak of a couple pounds per week with no end in sight. Different things work for different people but I thought I'd share what worked for me in the hopes that maybe one or more of these tips will help your own weight loss as well.

Read the Hackers Diet

A good starting point is reading the bible for geek weight loss: The Hacker's Diet. It's a simple free book you can get a copy of online and read on almost any device.

I;ll read and then write my own down to 247 from 267 in 10 months - slow and steady wins the race

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USB hub in the shape of an octopus | Boing Boing Gadgets

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Shaming Congress into voting against the industries who bribed them to stop public healthcare - Boing Boing

Shaming Congress into voting against the industries who bribed them to stop public healthcare

Posted by Cory Doctorow, July 1, 2009 8:39 AM | permalink
Adam sez,
Lawrence Lessig's new anti-corruption organization Change Congress recently used online ads to shame Sen. Ben Nelson in his home state for opposing President Obama's public health insurance option while taking $2 million from the health and insurance interests that are leading the fight against it. And it worked. After an 11-day public fight, Nelson switched from calling the public option "a deal breaker" to saying he is open to it and promising not to join Republicans in a filibuster against it.

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DVMUG Film Fest Promo Film

Recently became President of our local Mac Users group DVMUG and helped to make this short film to promote it in the spirit of Ed Wood.

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Michael Clasen

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