Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006
10:10 PM
love free books

Lessig's Code v2.0 - a croudsourced update: "Cory Doctorow:

Larry Lessig has just posted the whole text of the second edition of Code, called 'Codev2' (natch). Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace was one of the seminal books on regulation, law and the Internet, organized around the central hypothesis that 'code is law' -- when AOL writes a chat-room that limits the number of chatters to 12, it's like a nation passing a law limiting public gatherings to 12 people.

For the second edition, Larry posted the whole text of the original on a wiki and invited his readers, fans and detractors to help him edit out and add in material that had changed in the years since the initial publication.

Now, Codev2 is out as a genuine print book, and, as befits the co-founder of Creative Commons, as a liberally licensed CC download that even allows for commercial remixing of the text.



(Via Boing Boing.)

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