Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006
08:55 PM

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A roundup of festive crap sent in to BoingBoing by you, dear readers:

Evil Christmas Carols (audio). How beautiful! With 'sinister' key changes to minor, they sound menacing, like soundtracks to silent movies about damsels in distress on Christmas eve.

Weird nativity in FL retirement community, above (WTF? Raelians?)

Top 10 DIY Christmas trees

$600 upside-down Christmas tree

Flickr pool: your strangest holiday ornament

Roombas singing Christmas carols (video)

Rankin-Bass Santa + Rudolph rescued (previous BB post)

Ultraviolent Star Trek holiday office diorama

Baby Jesus kidnapped, returns with snapshots

A Very Cthulhu Christmas (audio)

sf-themed holiday story collection (+ 2, 3, 4, 5)

101 Classic Christmas Videos

Gingerbread Katmari Damacy (above)

• Video: horribly Bad Star Wars Christmas: part 1, part 2

Iranian political asylum applicant mom jailed in NC after applying for permit to sell street art (BB reader Pembdasi, who submitted this item, says, 'I am her half-brother. I just found out about this today, the day before Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas I suppose.')

Silent choir sings 'Silent Night' in sign language

Retro ads: shopping mall Santas arriving by copter, parachute

Boymongoose: 12 days of Christmas, Indian-style (video). Re-blogged by popular demand -- everyone I've showed this to in person squeals, then emails it to 20 people. About: Link, and you can buy the boy-band's 'Christmas in Asia Minor' album online, in CD or download form: Link. Includes such classic carol faves as 'Hark the Herald, Angel Singh,' and 'We Are Wishing You A Merry Christmas.'

(Thanks and happy hols, Huw Bowen, Rob Nachbar, Mark Vadnais, John/Disney Blog, Scott, Wil, Justin, Human, Mark Wu, Tay, Tobias, and Santa's Helper!)


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