Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Indiana prosecutor says she's duty bound to prosecute grandma who bought cold medicine - Boing Boing

I'm curious, where does HIPA fall on police regularly reviewing someone's medical records. You can't get a used tissue from a doctor's office without getting the patient to sign all sorts of forms to cover the doctor's backside. What this story is about is small town-itis I am afraid. A prosecutor who takes herself way too seriously, a sheriff who appears totally befuddled, and a state legislature that is afraid to lift its head above the ground because it has been making one mistake after another, sending the Indiana economy into turmoil. Wait until we learn who wrote this law. I am sure there are quite a few office colleagues banging on Ms. Alexander's door to demand she take a more conciliar approach to the matter or at a minimum, just shut up. Now her conduct is classic case bravado defensiveness because she acted the dolt. And her harrumphed verbal push back has made only matters worse for herself. It is likely, her superior in agreement with law enforcement will not only announce, without her presence, that the case has been dropped, but at the well attended, televised announcement, will include one or both U.S. Senators, the Congressman or woman for the district, and a handful of state legislators. Along with the announcement to drop the case, it will be announced that they have suspended the statute and will revisit the matter upon additional study. They will continue, that the law was never intended to criminalize non-criminal behavior and no law abiding citizen should be subject to the heavy hand of law enforcement or an overzealous prosecutor because of the purchase of an over the counter cold medicine. The role of government should be to protect the people, not to threaten and demand subservience to its every vicissitude.

world gone bonkers

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