Saturday, September 12, 2009 - How to get the miniature player window in iTunes 9

How to get the miniature player window in iTunes 9
When I installed iTunes 9, I pressed the green zoom button, expecting to get the ultra-small iTunes player window. But this time it didn't come out that way, it just made the window much larger.

So I tried some modifier keys, and found that Option-clicking the zoom button now creates the mini player window. (A standard click on the zoom button will return it to normal size.)

[robg adds: In iTunes 8, you could also use the Window » Zoom menu to activate the mini player, which could be very confusing for a new iTunes user ('zoom' and 'really small window' don't usually go together). In iTunes 9, there's a new menu item for the mini player, View » Switch to Mini Player (Shift-Command-M), which is a much better solution.

As before, you can also drag the lower right corner of the mini player's window to remove the song display area, making for a very small controller-only window.]

this was bugging me until now

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