Saturday, October 3, 2009

Even the Animals Look Abashed « Whatever

Arguably the worst book cover by a major publisher, ever:

Seriously, now, DAW, wtf? I know there’s a recession on, but there must be a better class of 12-year-old you can hire to push about the “liquefy” tool in Photoshop. I get that you were aiming for “chintzy, kooky fun” but you landed on “Fourth grade class project on,” and that just isn’t cool, and more to the point, you should know the difference. Were I an author in this particular anthology I would be sad I couldn’t show my friends the book I was in without them asking how much it cost me to publish it. I’m frightened to show it to graphic designers I know because I don’t want to be sued for damages when it causes blood to shoot from their ears. And as a reader, I can say the cover makes a really excellent argument for owning a Kindle.

Basically, I just look at this cover and don’t understand. I’m not entirely sure why this cover genuinely offends me a bit, but it does. I think it’s because it’s not unreasonable to hold major publishers to a higher standard than we would hold, say, some guy self-publishing from his basement. Hope the stories are good, at least.

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