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Apple iPad FAQ

Apple iPad FAQ

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[This FAQ is based on discussions in our Reader Report area, initially within the Apple Announcements topic but moving to dedicated iPad discussions as Apple begins to take orders, and we welcome submissions of additional questions and information. -MacInTouch]


What is Apple's iPad?
The iPad is a touch-screen tablet computer and media player that is positioned in between a smart phone (e.g. iPhone) and laptop computer in size and capabilities. Several models will be sold with varying storage capacity, some of which support wireless Internet access over "3G" cell phone networks. (All models support WiFi connections to local wireless networks.)
How many songs/videos can iPad hold?
iPads have 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage. Some of the iPad's storage is used for its operating system, so not all of this space is available for songs and videos. We don't yet know exactly how much space is used by the OS, but based on the iPhone and iPod Touch, we expect that will account for less than 1 GB, leaving 15 to 63 GB of storage for videos, music, and apps.
What operating system does it run?
The iPad runs a new version of Apple's iPhone/Touch OS. (We expect it to be version 3.2, a pre-release version available to paid Apple iPhone Developer Program members. Source: Apple iPad SDK public info page.)
Is it a big iPhone/iPod Touch?
With similar hardware and software, the iPad is certainly in the same family as the iPhone and iPod Touch but, of course, has a larger screen (over five times as much space), and a faster processor.
Can the iPad run iPhone apps?
Yes. iPhone/Touch apps are normally much smaller than iPad's screen, so the iPad provides a "2x" enlargement button that doubles their graphics to take up most (but not all) of the iPad's screen. Developers also will be able to create apps just for iPad.
Is it a Mac? Can it run Mac applications?
No. The iPad lacks many of the programming interfaces used by Mac applications and has a radically different user interface from Mac OS X.
Okay, so what's its relationship to a Mac or PC?
The iPad can be used as a stand-alone device but it is designed to connect with a Mac or PC and expects to get most of its media content from iTunes, as the iPod Touch does. It syncs with iTunes over USB to load your photos, music, TV shows, contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and existing iPhone/iPod Touch apps.
Does it use the same processor as the iPhone?
Sort of. The iPhone 3GS uses the ARM-designed Cortex A8 processor, and earlier iPhones and iPod Touches used the (slower) ARM 11. The iPad uses a 1-GHz "Apple A4" "system on a chip" (or "SOC") design. The A4 is most likely a combination of the ARM Cortex A8 processor, the PowerVR SGX 3D graphics processor and memory controller, manufactured by Samsung (which also makes the iPhone's processor). Apple claims this custom design is very fast, yet lower in power usage. And, though Apple hasn't said this, it should be cheaper to manufacture, too, as an SOC design. Based on raw numbers, we would expect iPad to be about 1.6 times faster than the iPhone 3GS. [For the technically curious, we recommend Jon Stoke's informed speculation on the nature of the Apple A4 processor.]

Availability and Price

When will iPad be available to purchase?
The WiFi-only model is due in Apple stores on April 3rd. The 3G models are due in "Late April". Both models are available for pre-order from Apple now.
Who is selling the iPad?
Initially, you can only buy directly from Apple, but it appears that iPad will be available through Apple's usual retail channels, including online vendors such as Amazon (iPad page).
How much will iPad cost?
There are six models of the iPad; three storage sizes, each available in WiFi-only or WiFi+3G versions:
16 GB32 GB64 GB
WiFi-only$ 499$ 599$ 699
WiFi+3G$ 629$ 729$ 829

Will the 3G model require a long-term telephone contract?
No, a service plan is not required (thus, the iPad's price is not subsidized like the iPhone is). AT&T offers two optional data plans for iPad: a $15/month plan with 250 MB of data, or a $30/month unlimited plan. No contract or commitment is required.
In what countries will the iPad be available?
This is unclear. iPad's tech specs says it supports the following languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian. Apple's web site, however, has announced local availability in many countries whose languages are not listed (such as Brazil, India, Korea, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Vietnam), yet iPad will not be available in other countries we would have expected (where Apple does sell Macs and/or iPhones), including Egypt, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE and many others.

Networking and Carriers

What wireless capabilities are provided?
The iPads all support 802.11n/g/b WiFi networking.
The 3G models additionally support Internet access via 3G cellular data networks, where available.
Does 802.11n support 5 GHz networks? (Not all 802.11n devices do.)
Apple's spec page does not say, but since all of Apple's other 802.11n-equipped devices do, we expect the iPad will too.
Is the 3G model a GSM device?
The iPad 3G is a GSM/USDPA device supporting the following frequencies:
UMTS/HSDPA (3G)850, 1900, 2100 MHz
GSM/EDGE (2G)850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
Like the iPhone 3GS, the iPad's hardware supports data speeds up to 7.2 Mbit/sec download, but in the U.S., AT&T's network supports 3.6 Mbit/sec.
Does the 3G model fall back to EDGE if no 3G is available?
It should, but this should be confirmed by testing.
What cellular data carriers does it work with?
any GSM carrier - the iPad is not locked to any carrier (in contrast to most iPhones).
What data network does iPad use?
Any GSM data network. In the US, GSM 3G speeds are available only from AT&T. The iPad is compatible with T-Mobile's network but will only achieve 2G speeds there. (Typical 2G speeds on the original iPhone were 140-220 kbit/sec, or 17-26 kByte/sec. This may have been limited by the iPhone itself, as EDGE can deliver up to 400 Kbit/sec in ideal circumstances.)
Can I make phone calls with the iPad?
No, there is no telephone built in. However, VOIP ("Voice-Over-Internet Protocol") applications such as Skype should work over WiFi, as they do with the iPod Touch. In the US, AT&T originally prohibited such applications from using the cellular network, but in October 2009 AT&T announced iPhone VOIP applications were now acceptable on its network, so this may be possible without WiFi on 3G models with 3G data service.
Can I put in my iPhone SIM?
No, the iPad uses a physically different size SIM card — a Micro SIM.
How easy or hard is it to access the SIM?
The iPad appears to use an externally accessible SIM slot and carrier like the iPhone does.
What 3G data options are available?
$15/mo. gets you 250 MB of data from AT&T in the US.
$30/mo. gets you "unlimited" data. (AT&T's typical fine print defines this as 5 GB; we do not know if this applies to iPad, but we guess it would.)
This does not include international data roaming; additional charges would apply for that.
Is a contract required?
No, you can cancel at any time.
Do I have to activate the iPad from a computer using iTunes, like the iPhone?
No, data plan activation and deactivation is done on the iPad itself.
Can I monitor my data usage to avoid exceeding my quota?
Yes, the iPad 3G monitors your data use and warns you as you approach the quota. It provides alerts at 20%, 10% and 0% remaining.
What if I exceed my 250 MB?
If you hit your quota, you can buy another 250 MB for $15, or switch to the $30/month plan.
Can I get a refund for unused data in a month?
[See also Apple's iPad 3G page]


Which way is up?
Any direction. The iPad has a rotation sensor and turns the screen to keep it upright as you turn it. Unlike iPhone and iPod Touch, even the home screen rotates.
But what if I don't want it to rotate? Say, I'm reading in bed on my side?
A hardware switch by the volume buttons locks the screen orientation. (This originally was a mute switch, like the iPhone's.)
Where are the buttons and keyboard?
The iPad, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, uses a touch-screen instead of a physical keypad or keyboard. The iPad, however, does have several buttons on the sides and top, including ringer silence/volume and iPad wake/sleep buttons.
I really want a physical keyboard. Can I use one?
The Apple Wireless Keyboard, a Bluetooth device, will work with iPad. This implies non-Apple Bluetooth keyboards should work too. Apple also will sell an iPad Keyboard Dock. We do not know if there is a way to use generic USB keyboards.
What other Bluetooth devices does it support?
The iPad should support all Bluetooth two-way headsets and stereo headphones. Based on iPhone experience, we do not expect Bluetooth printing or OBEX (OBject EXchange) support.
Does the iPad's Dock connector work with my existing iPod accessories?
Some of them. Apple's Composite AV and Component AV cables will work, as will USB sync/charging cables. Due to iPad's size, it will not fit into most iPod speaker docks or the Apple Universal Dock.
Does the iPad have a camera?
No - like the iPod Touch, but in contrast to the iPhone (and iPod Nano), the iPad lacks a camera. (This may be better for high-security environments and in some other circumstances, and it's one less expense in Apple's bill of materials.)
Does the iPad have a GPS?
The 3G model includes GPS. As in the iPhone, it is "Assisted GPS", which means it gets some satellite data from the cellular data network, so it can lock into GPS within a few seconds, instead of the minute or two required by unassisted GPS devices.
Can the iPad sync contacts and calendars with my Mac or PC?
Yes; there are two ways to do this:
  • iTunes can sync your contacts and calendars when iPad is connected with a USB cable. iTunes provides sync with iCal, MobileMe, Google, Microsoft Outlook, and AOL. (Apple's Calendar description also says "and more", but no details are provided. iCal and Address Book can sync with Yahoo calendar and contacts on Mac, so we assume they provide a bridge for iTunes and the iPad calendar and contact apps.)
  • Wireless sync is available with Microsoft Exchange or Apple's MobileMe subscription service. Google has implemented partial Exchange ActiveSync support into its Gmail and Google Calendar services, which enables iPhones and iPod Touches to sync calendars and contacts wirelessly; this should work with the iPad too.
Can it play music and videos?
Yes, and also podcasts, iTunes U, and most other iTunes content.
Does it support "iTunes LP" enhanced albums?
Unknown. We would be very surprised if iPad failed to support the iTunes LP format (which is also used by some iTunes movies!), but Apple's detailed iPad feature pages make no mention of it.
Can iPad multitask?
Sort of. iPad is designed to focus on one task at a time. iPhone and iPod Touch apps (at least the good ones) work hard to maintain the user's state when they quit and launch, which makes task switching feel like multitasking. Apple hasn't announced any plans to let non-Apple apps perform "true" multitasking (in other words, run in the background invisible to the user). This means streaming internet radio apps such as Pandora will only run as long as they are visible.

(Apple rumor sites have recently claimed that iPhone OS 4.0 will support multitasking, but the iPad will ship with iPhone OS 3.2, so don't expect this rumored feature right away.)

Does it support Microsoft Exchange Server's contact and calendar sync?
Yes, iPad supports Exchange ActiveSync wireless sync and "push" email, calendar and contact updates.
How about Exchange delegation and resource reservations?
How about MobileMe?
Yes, the iPad supports MobileMe wireless sync and "push" email, calendar and contact updates.
Does it have any accessibility tools for the blind or visually impaired?
Yes, iPad includes the VoiceOver screen reader, screen zoom and color inversion, and speaking text in popup dialogs, like iPhone OS 3.0. We don't know whether the iPad supports Mac OS X Leopard's highly realistic "Alex" voice or if it uses the lower-quality voice used by the iPhone today.
Does it have any accessibility tools for the deaf or hearing-impaired?
Yes, the iPad supports closed-captioning for video, and mono audio output.


Safari (Web Browser)

What is the web browser?
The iPad uses a version of the same Mobile Safari browser as the iPhone and iPod Touch. All browser controls are at the top of the screen, though, rather than being split between top and bottom, as on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Does the iPad support Flash and Java?
Without Flash, how can I watch web video?
Content producers will have to use either HTTP live streaming or HTML5 video. HTML5 video has already been implemented by YouTube and Vimeo, among others.
What about Flash-based web games?
They won't work on iPad.
Can I sync my Mac or PC's bookmarks?
Yes, iTunes provides sync for Safari on the Mac and Safari or Internet Explore on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Apple's MobileMe subscription service also provides over-the-air bookmark sync with your Mac or Windows PC.
What about Firefox? Camino? Chrome? Opera? iCab?
Apple doesn't support browsers other than Safari and Internet Explorer, but we've explored some options:
  • All browsers: Export your Firefox bookmarks to Safari or Internet Explorer from time to time. Inelegant but functional.
  • Firefox: Use the free Xmarks Firefox extension and the Xmarks mobile site on your iPad. On Windows, you can sync Firefox to IE bookmarks with Zinkmo.
  • Camino: No solution available other than exporting bookmarks to Safari.
  • Chrome: Use the free Xmarks Chrome Extension and the Xmarks mobile site on your iPad. Or use Chrome's Google Bookmark sync, and the Google Bookmarks site on your iPad.
  • Opera: No solution available other than exporting bookmarks to Safari.
  • iCab: No solution available other than exporting bookmarks to Safari.
Does the iPad browser support tabs?
Instead of tabs, as with the iPhone's browser, you can open separate pages by tapping the multi-square icon in the toolbar. This accesses a grid view of your open pages (similar to iPhoto's view of pictures). Tap one to zoom it to full screen.
Does the iPad have a popup blocker?
Unknown (but, as we've yet to see a hostile popup on the iPhone, this is probably integrated into Mobile Safari).


What email software is used?
The iPad's email is similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch mail app.
What email services/servers does it support?
The iPad will support any standard POP or IMAP internet mail server, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, MobileMe, and Mac OS X Server.
What about Microsoft Exchange?
Yes, the iPad will work with Exchange the same way iPhone and iPod Touch do, using Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol.
Can iPad email view attachments?
Apple says iPad can view the following document types: .jpg, .tiff, .gif (images); .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word); .htm and .html (web pages); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .pages (Pages); .pdf (Preview and Adobe Acrobat); .ppt and .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint); .txt (text); .rtf (rich text format); .vcf (contact information); .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel). Based on iPhone experience, we also expect support for .png images.
Can I save attachments?
The iPad probably will allow saving picture attachments, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, but since the iPad does not expose the file system to the user, we don't think it will be able to save other kinds of attachments the way Mac and PC mail applications do.
Is it limited to just 200 messages per mailbox like the iPhone is?
Probably. Apple's Mail features page mentions server-side search, which implies a message limit.
Can it sync multiple folders without having to manually navigate to each one?
Does it have a unified inbox view, like Apple's Mac OS X Mail does?
Unknown — but unlikely.
Does it support composing styled text? (i.e., bold, italics, font sizes)
Probably not, aside from any formatting carried over by copy-and-paste from Safari or other apps. (It definitely supports displaying HTML/rich text messages.)
Can you change the message display font size?
Unknown — but since the iPhone can, we expect the iPad will too.


Can I add events to the iPad's calendar?
Can I invite people to events?
Unknown; it's not mentioned on Apple's Calendar features page.


Can I sync Notes back to my Mac or PC?
Yes, using iTunes. (Apple hasn't described the mechanism, but we assume it's the same as iPhone and iPod Touch Notes sync.)
Can I use some font other than Marker Felt?


Can I get directions with the iPad's maps?
Yes. After finding a location, you can get directions to it. These directions include turn-by-turn (but not live) map directions.
Can I get live, turn-by-turn navigation as I drive?
Not using the built-in Maps application, but many apps that do this are available for the iPhone on the App Store; they should work on an iPad. (We advise reading customer reviews carefully, as the quality of these navigation apps varies immensely and there are no refunds from the App Store!)


Is the Photos app just a viewer, like on the iPhone and iPod Touch, or is it a photo manager/editor like iPhoto on Mac OS X?
Photos appears to be mostly a viewer, but Apple says it can import pictures from a camera using the $29 Camera Connection Kit, which includes an SD card reader and a USB cable connector. This implies some degree of photo management, but it might be as simple as appending new images to the Camera Roll, as iPhone does.
Does the Photos app support videos, like the iPhone 3GS's camera roll does?
It's really not clear; there is a separate "Videos" app but it appears designed to play iTunes Store content. If you import a video from a digital camera, we just don't know whether it will appear in the Camera Roll (similar to iPhone 3GS's approach) or in the Videos app.
Are images synced by iTunes from iPhoto/Aperture downsampled in quality, as on the iPod and iPhone? What about photos captured from the SD card reader?
iPad can import pictures and movies from cameras and flash cards. Does it support RAW files? RAW+JPEG? What video formats?
All unknown.


Why is there a dedicated app for this, instead of using the iTunes app like on the iPhone?
We're not sure. It might be to call out the feature to new users, or it might be intended to give Apple more independence from Google-owned YouTube, as Google and Apple become direct competitors in the phone, tablet and mobile search markets.
How do I get videos onto an iPad?
iTunes syncs your videos onto your iPad.
Can I buy and rent videos directly from iTunes on the iPad without using my Mac or PC?
Can I download and save video from the Internet?
Not as far as we can tell.
Does the iPad support HD video?
The iPad supports H.264-encoded video up to 720p at 30fps, in .m4v, mp4 and .mov formats. (MPEG-4 is supported only up to 640x480, or roughly SD quality.) It does not support 1080 HD video.


Can I login to get my YouTube favorites?
Can I upload videos from my iPad directly to YouTube?
How about HD?
iPad supports HD from YouTube, when available (and bandwidth permitting).


If I buy from iTunes, can I copy my purchases to my Mac or PC?
Yes, just as with the iPhone and iPod Touch, iTunes will import your purchases to your desktop iTunes content library
App Store




What is iBooks?
iBooks is an app that functions as both an e-book reader and an e-book store (cf. Amazon's Kindle).
How do I buy books?
iBooks includes a book store within the app. You browse books, and purchase them just like you buy songs, videos and apps in the iTunes Store.
I don't see iBooks on the iPad's Home Screen. How do I get it?
You can download iBooks from Apple's App Store. It is not pre-loaded on iPad.
What format e-book does it use? Is there DRM (anti-copying technology)?
iBooks uses the ePub format. Apple hasn't mentioned DRM, but we expect they will use their FairPlay system to restrict sharing, as with iTunes music videos, movies and TV shows.
Can iBooks read non-Apple ePub books?
Unknown. If not, there are several other e-book apps for iPhone that we expect to be updated for iPad.
Can I share my books, or loan them out?
Unknown. If (and that's a big "if") Apple uses the same DRM model as they do for iPhone Apps and iTunes video, family members would be able to share them using iTunes Home Sharing. However, the terms Apple has agreed upon with book publishers are not public, so this may not turn out to be the case.
Will authors be able to self-publish?
Probably not at first. Apple book deals with five major book publishers looks very similar to the first iTunes Music Store, where Apple first cut a deal with the big music publishers and later opened the store to independent artists and labels. Based on this experience, we expect some sort of "indie" author publishing in the future.
How big are e-book files? Will it take all my storage space?
Text-only novels are typically well under a megabyte. Books with pictures and video could get quite large.
Do I have to drag e-book pages to turn them? That's what the demo video shows.
No, you can tap the page to flip it over quickly. The page drag is just a fun interaction option (and makes a great demo).
Could this be used for textbooks?
Absolutely, and we think that would be a great use of the iPad's technology.


What is iWork for the iPad?
iWork is the group name for three applications Apple created for Mac OS X, and then rewrote in app versions for the iPad: Keynote, a presentation app; Pages, a word processor; and Numbers, a spreadsheet app.
How much do they cost?
$9.99 each.
Can Keynote run a projector from an iPad?
Yes, Apple will sell a VGA-out adapter that plugs into the 30-pin Dock port.
How do I exchange files with my desktop Mac's iWork application?
Email. (This creates some document size limits that will vary depending on your email service provider!)
How much will iWork apps cost?
$9.99 each.
Can I use the fonts from my Mac or PC?
Unknown. It seems basic, but we don't know if Apple has provided for this on the iPad!
How do I print?
You have two options:
1. Email the document to yourself at a PC or Mac. (You can email in PDF format.)
2. Upload the document to Public Beta.
Can iWork read Microsoft Office documents?
Yes, they can. But unlike iWork on Mac, they can't export Office documents, only iWork-format or PDF-format documents.

Technical Specifications

How much RAM does the iPad have?
Unknown (but once developers are no longer under non-disclosure agreements we'll likely find out).
What are the iPad's dimensions?
9.56 x 7.47 x 0.5 inches (243 x 189 x 13.4 mm)
How heavy is it?
1.5 lbs (about 0.68 kg). The 3G model is adds another tenth of a pound.
How big is the screen?
The screen is 9.7" across the diagonal. Its pixel dimensions are 1024 by 768 pixels, with a resolution of 132 pixels per inch. (For comparison, the iPhone's display is about 165 dpi.)
What kind of display is used?
iPad's 9.7" display is an LCD panel. The LCD is of the more expensive IPS (in-plane switching) type, which has a very wide angle of view with minimal color shift and full 24-bit color support. This should ensure good color fidelity.

(According to Wikipedia, iPad is the first use of IPS in handheld consumer electronics.)

What is the back made from?
iPad's back is a single piece of aluminum, with a satin finish, much like Apple's "unibody" MacBooks and the original iPhone.
Is the screen plastic or glass?
Can I use a stylus with the touch screen?
No, because it senses electrical capacitance in your finger(s), not pressure at a point. However, Dr Bott's capacitive Ten One Design Pogo Stylus should work with the iPad.


How long does an iPad battery charge last?
Apple says "up to 10 hours" of WiFi web surfing, watching video, or listening to music. Apple CEO Steve Jobs told an interviewer that playing music with the screen off, iPad lasts about 140 hours (nearly 6 days).

Apple describes its battery test as follows: full battery discharge while performing each of the following tasks: video playback, audio playback, and Internet browsing using Wi-Fi. Video content was a repeated 2-hour 23-minute movie purchased from the iTunes Store. Audio content was a playlist of 358 unique songs, consisting of a combination of songs imported from CDs using iTunes (128-Kbps AAC encoding) and songs purchased from the iTunes Store (256-Kbps AAC encoding). Internet over Wi-Fi tests were conducted using a closed network and dedicated web and mail servers, browsing snapshot versions of 20 popular web pages, and receiving mail once an hour. All settings were default except: Wi-Fi was associated with a network; the Wi-Fi feature Ask to Join Networks and Auto-Brightness were turned off.

Is the battery removable?
No, the iPad has a built-in, inaccessible battery like iPhones and iPods.
Is the battery replaceable?
Apple will provide an iPad battery replacement service at $105.95 (including shipping) through its stores, authorized service providers and online support. The service takes about a week.

Note that, according to Apple, "You will receive a replacement iPad that will not contain any of your personal data" (emphasis ours). This means you may not get back the same iPad you sent in for service.

Does the warranty cover battery replacement?
Only if defective. If you purchase AppleCare, Apple will replace the battery if its capacity drops below 50% of original capacity during the 2-year coverage period (which beings on the purchase date).


What accessories will be available for the iPad?
Apple will sell an iPad-specific Dock, a Keyboard Dock (which combines keyboard and Dock into a single unit), a Camera Connection Kit, a 10-watt AC power adapter, and a case that folds to position the iPad upright for viewing, or at a slight angle from horizontal for typing.
What is the Camera Connection Kit?
The $29 kit includes two Dock adapters; one has an SD card reader, and the other has a USB "A" connector to use to connect a camera. (We presume it also will work with a typical USB card reader.) The kit is not yet available for purchase.
Can I use the USB adapter in the Camera Connection Kit to connect devices like keyboards?
Unknown, but it doesn't seem likely that general purpose devices will be supported.
Can I use my Apple Remote with video and music playback, like I can on a Mac?
No. Apple has not announced any sort of remote for iPad, and it doesn't appear to have the IR port required by the Apple Remote.


Does it have handwriting recognition?
No. (But at least one current iPhone app does, so perhaps App Store developers will provide this feature.)
Can I use an iPad as a secondary display on my Mac?
MacInTouch Reader Scott Bayes suggests that using a VNC client with the Mac software ScreenRecycler may offer this capability.
Can I use iPad as a touch-tablet for my Mac?
Not out of the box, but apps such as Mobile Air Mouse Pro for iPhone/iPod Touch may provide some of this functionality.
Since it can run iPhone apps, does this mean it uses that resolution independence feature that Mac OS X has been promising developers for years (but not delivering)?
No. It's just pixel doubling; the apps are not actually designed to scale up and down like the Mac's stillborn resolution independence feature was to do.
Can I tether the iPad to my jailbroken iPhone using Bluetooth or USB?
We would be very, very surprised if this is possible. (It probably could join an ad-hoc WiFi network, however.)
How rugged is it? What if I drop it?
Good question. Let us know what happens.


Document History

  • March 13, 2010: First version edited.
  • March 14, 2010: Clarified sync options; retail availability; GSM/HSDPA notes; screen rotation; added unsupported browser bookmark sync options; removed duplicate iWork item; battery replacement and warranty; ad-hoc WiFi tethering possibility; minor updates and typo fixes.
  • March 15, 2010: Typo corrected.

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