Wednesday, March 24, 2010

#Filemaker - adding Bar scanner to your database transactions

Adding a bar scanner to your database system is relatively easy. If you have inventory you need to track, transactions you would like to automate this is a great timesaving way to do it. Windows and Mac.

First you need a Barscanner such as this one:

Available here:

Then you need to create barcodes for your products in Filemaker. I recommend

A little scripting and experimentation/development and you have a system to track transactions and Inventory. Every Item will need a Serial number that will link it to related info in the database we've set up like photos, prices, quantity in stock, whatever is needed. The scanner translates the bar code into a number to add an item to an invoice, remove it from inventory as needed.
The Filemaker script will look like this:

Download now or preview on posterous
PastedGraphic-2.pdf (36 KB)

Its not too complicated. Please contact me with any further questions.

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