Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Developing for Windows on a Mac

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
06:57 PM
I also just set up parallels and win xp

Developing for Windows on a Mac: "

It’s a strange, strange world. One consequence of Apple’s switch to Intel processors is the ability to run Windows on a Mac. And a consequence of that is Windows developers writing Windows software - on a Mac.

Take, for example, London-based programmer (and opera singer) Jamie Frater. By running Windows in Parallels, he can continue to use Delphi for his work. But he doesn’t have to put up with Windows’ own peculiarities interrupting the rest of his workflow.

In Jamie’s own words:

Obviously I have to continue programming in Windows for a living at the moment, but the good news is that I am now doing so in a window on my Mac. I hate going back to a standard Windows machine now. The OS is just so clunky … I can’t believe so many people are still using Windows and don’t realise how superior OS X is!

Read the rest of his weblog post for the full story. Suffice to say, Jamie is so taken with OS X that he is now writing Mac apps, and has booked tickets for MacWorld 2007.

What I don’t know - and I’m interested to discover - is whether this is a growing trend. Are there lots of people in Jamie’s position? Are their reasons for switching environments the same as Jamie’s, or different? And do they find themselves coding less for Windows, and more for Mac, as time goes on?

Mac Devcenter readers with experience of this - first-hand or otherwise; it would be great to hear your views in the comments.


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