Wednesday, November 8, 2006

iTunes: Free Stuff Tuesday

Wednesday, November 08, 2006
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free is free

iTunes: Free Stuff Tuesday: "

US: Smile (Radio Edit) by Lily Allen
It’s hard to figure what the best part of this track is. The dusty old reggae loop, Lily Allen’s cool London drawl, or that little thing she does with her voice when the chorus comes. It’s the purest of bubblegum pop, dressed in an array of 21st century gear, but just as reliant on a sweet, infectious little melody and catchy rhythmic bounce as any great pop tune. Her sassiness comes out in the vocal, where she dismisses the appreciation of a cheating ex-admirer with the right amount of flippancy and vulgarity. Get this track for free today - it’s one of our favorite pop tunes we’ve heard in ages.

US: Don't Be Shy by Spektrum
Sometimes there can be a pretty good excuse for not dancing: certain physical ailments, spacial restrictions, and funk-free music are all pretty good reasons for not hitting the dance floor. But barring the first two: this free Discovery Download basically rocks you from head to toe within the first few seconds. Think Basement Jaxx at their freakiest and you’ve got an idea of the sort of wiggly disco-funk on display here. Now get down and get involved.

US: Ven Aqui by Los Bunkers
This Chilean quintet takes its inspiration from the first wave of the British Invasion (the Kinks, the Who, the Rolling Stones) but are filtering its sound through a newer wave of that genre’s offspring (think Oasis or Franz Ferdinand). ‘Ven Aqui’ takes a bare-bones reggae skank and builds it into a crunchy riff with hand claps and just a little bit of stylish attitude.

Australia: Here We Go Again by Vanlustbader
Coming at you draped in a dark, thunderous cloak of precise, nearly mechanical drums and washes of synthesizers, this Brisbane outfit delivers a fine slice of pop noir with ‘Here We Go Again,’ our free Single of the Week. It’s another tale of unrequited love, this time dolled up in the same sonic flashiness that producer Jim Abbiss has previously brought to acts like Arctic Monkeys and the Editors.

Canada: The Body Says No by The New Pornographers
The New Pornographers - is there anything they can’t do? First, they blow our minds with their fabulous power-pop, now they’re giving us music for free! This explosive take on Mass Romantic’s ‘The Body Says No’ was recorded exclusively for CBC Radio 3. It’s our first of three tracks from the Radio 3/Mint Records archives, as we celebrate Mint’s 15th anniversary. In the meantime, enjoy this free Single of the Week.

UK: All In Good Time by Ron Sexsmith
Usually our Single of the Week is based around new acts that are on their way up. This week differs slightly with the inclusion of a song from Ron Sexsmith. In an idyllic world, Ron Sexsmith’s songwriting genius would be as well-known as the current whereabouts of Pete Doherty. This track from his newest album Time Being - ‘All In Good Time’ - is a Byrds-ian pop song, with Sexsmith’s slightly melancholy notes descending over the uptempo rhythm. He’s one of the top pop songwriters in the world today. We jest you not.

France: Where's My Place by Adam Kesher
Le groupe bordelais Adam Kesher est un pur combo avec un peu de guitare minimale, un peu de percussion disco, un peu plus de leurs propres éléments soniques et un chœur cassant, aspirant à d’autres sommets. C’est une musique de danse pour les cerveaux embrouillés. Le groupe rappelle un peu The Rapture de New York, mais avec une qualité décrochée qui rend les choses un peu imprévisibles. «Where’s My Place» est notre Single gratuit de la semaine.


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